Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Letter For My STID Lecture(^_^)


Dear Sir Tarmizi,

Finally I have finish 10 entry in English and extra 1 entry in English sir.Thanks for giving an assigment that need I create blog.With this assigment I fall in love with blogger world..I also meet many people with blog..Make it my life full of experience..

Below are my 11 entry in English Sir:
1)All About Me
2)My Soul
3)Graduate Character Building
4)Check Out The Scholarship
5)Five simple rule to be Happy
6)Inspired to me
7)My idol:Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
8)Wild Romance
9)My Dream place
10)Sweet Memory

I hope sir will give high mark to me..hehehe.By the way,Happy Workers Day Sir Tarmizi(^_^)

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9n0L4 said...

best of luck. ;)

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