Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Check out the scholarship options for you after SPM!^^

Check out the scholarship options for you after SPM!: If you are looking around for the the perfect education option, the Sunway Education Info Day is a must-go event. Happening this 24-25 March - Experience and get to know all you need about Sunway University and Sunway College!

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MK Kimi said...

more option out there waiting for you to grab. choose your course wisely that you have passion in it. gud luck dik!

p/s: sedikit pendapat, better buang verification word bwh ni. kalu nak tapis komen boleh wat comment moderation.

Pecinta pink^^ said...

terima kasih,,bru nk blaja2 blog,,xpandai sngat^^ perlukan tunjuk ajar lagi,,

Hafizah Zainal Abidin said...

dah folow.. :)

Anonymous said...


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