Friday, 16 March 2012

Graduate Character Building^^

Today our Counselling Centre Universiti Utara Malaysia have Organize one programme that has been title as 'Graduate Character Building'.This program has allowed all semester 4 that including me to join this program..
This program has focusing about how we communicate to each other and give some tips thats are very useful to us in developing  interpersonal communication to use in future.

Below there are several elements in  interpersonal skill:

1)The communicator
  • For doing communication,we should have at least two people that including sender and receiver of the message.
2)The message
  • Its not only including the speech have been talk through by ourself but also including by the expression of our face,body languange and tone of  voice.
  • Feedback consists of messages the receiver returns with allows the sender to know how accurately the message has been received.
  •  All communication is influenced by the context in which it take place.
  • The channels refer to the the means by which the message is transfer to one to each other.Example face to face communication.

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